Thursday, April 25, 2013



As you can see here the old wall is behind the new wall.  Since the neighbor on the other side of the wall owns part of the wall, we had to build in front instead of tearing down and starting over.  The new wall will also fortify his wall, they say.  The new wall is being built out of red blocks and already the girls are talking about the fun they will have with chalk art!  Can't wait to see the results.


  1. Lynn will go to the mayor's office with Costa to sign the new agreement for Dayspring and Jeremiah House.
  2. Meeting with new missionaries from the USA  - giving them a place to shower and then off to visit Mercy Foundation.  Lynn wants them to see all the possibilities in the area before they make their final decision on where and how they will serve.
  3. Picking up t-shirts and bags from the t-shirt factory with new LAMb logo.
  4. Saying good bye to the youth.
AND....Olga has a plan for a new way to reach the graduating orphans in our town in case they do not of our resource for them - here is her email today:
..."talked to the social worker in Chuy orphanage, this is acctually what we talking before about. What if begin meetings with those 4 kids that graduate from Chui orphanage? We know Vika and Slavik, there is also Lilia and another boy (forgot his name), but we could start meetings once a week in (Jeremiah Projec'ts Drop in Center) DIC together with Shailo and Andrey and one of us, we could just spend time, talk, watch a movie. I just want them to know us and the contacts, and know about DIC as a resourse. I know Lilia is planning to stay in Tokmok, if it won't work for her to come to JH, and she will live in the dorm, at least she will have our contacts and know that she will be able to use DIC in case she will need to take a bath or have something to eat. We can involve some of those kids who attended a meeting at the ..(local gathering), what do you think of the idea? There are only 4 kids that graduate, and it would be good for them to know us better, and for us to be able to keep track of them."

HEY FOLKS - we have the opportunity to purchase the studio apartment next to the drop in center.  Likely around 5-7,000 USD.  If we can purchase that, we can use it as an apartment for youth who are graduated and living interdependently - our Jeremiah Steps project.  Great thing is that support would be right next door.  Our plan will be to punch a door between the Drop in Center and the apartment.  Just need the funds.

FINALLY - Ruby completes here training with those persons working the Help Line here in Moscow. It is a crisis line for youth.  Great time working with these women!  Lynn and Ruby will meet in the Moscow airport tomorrow to fly home together....well, fly to our Canadian place where we change suitcases.  Out immediately to Nashville, Tennessee for the Summit 2013 sponsored by Christian Alliance for Orphans.

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