Tuesday, April 2, 2013



Kemin Home - also known as Gift of God Friendship Center - Sunshine Home.

The team from Cincinnati, Ohio had a very busy day and ended up at one of our stops today as well.  The Senior Home.   What a great time we had as the team served the seniors after meeting them and having some time to hear some of their stories.  What a blessing for both the team and the seniors.

John had the team all around the valley and up into the mountains - his blog will fill in the details of the day on his blog.  Costa, Zukrah, Lynn and Ruby spent most of the day with the seniors, preparing for the team and just having a great time visiting.

We heard that Lydia needed a new messanger (has the Charles Stanley sermons on them).  She had problems with the first one we gave her and asked for a replacement.  When we got there, she said it was now working, but she would love to give one away and keep the new one!  No problem! 

This is little Vlada.  She is the daughter of Cola and Tanya - the directors of Kemin Senior Home.  So she is the newest and youngest resident of the center!  What a little beauty she is.  She is one month old here.

Just a little fun getting 9 chickens cut up...however you can see who the real cut ups are!

Our team from Cincinnati is really awesome and do they ever know how to serve!
They are so filled with grace and mercy.  It was a delight to watch the step in and be with the dear seniors at Kemin!

John is leading the team and doing the great job he always does.  The team will be tired before he is!

Michelle is really enjoying herself giving seniors a chance to have another helping of the chicken!
What a great spirit of happiness shows on her face!

30 seniors are at Kemin....here they are sitting and enjoying their meal.

And Blair was right in there too!  Not a moment was wasted by this young woman.  


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