Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Life Skills
Why so important?

IRA working with youth.

KATYA instructing about the areas of life:
Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual

Our newest project is to present Life Skills at the different orphanages around the Tokmok area.  We started with Red River Orphanage - outside of the city.  Here we have our newly hired trainers – Katya and helper Ira. 

This new pilot at Red River had 10 youth between the ages of 15 and 16.  Imagine – this is their FIRST EVER TRAINING in life skills needed to be a successful adult.  These youth will graduate soon – be sent to some kind of technical school and then essentially be on their own...or sent to a home for adults with disabilities.  

Our goal is to work with younger youth in the orphanages as well as the older youth, hoping to make a difference and also to get orphanage staff on board to help in the process of teaching critical life skills.  

Pilots can begin the process, but we hope for a systematic approach to this teaching and training.

The first night was a success, yet had some significant surprises for our team.  The kids could barely read.  You see, Red River is an orphanage for youth who have disabilities – and we are not sure of the focus on education for them.  We pray the stories we have heard around other orphanages is not the case here.

The director is cooperative and very interested in helping her children.  We are honored to have access and this cooperation.  Each class, each event, each opportunity brings youth one step closer to being successful…..and we know that positive experiences for youth change their brain.

Please pray that our pilot – will land to become a solid program in not just this orphanage, but others around the valley of Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan.

Thanks for your support and prayers.

The LAMb Team

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