Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Some very important days….

Hello Janyl, we have a present for you - your very own KAMOOS!

And she was quickly playing a tune!

Happy - look at her face!  And they say the NATIONALS never smile for a picture!

Her name is Janyl.  She was wanting to play the Kamoos and did not have one.  Our team members, Jayne and David made a deal with her.  If she worked for the Kamoos, she could earn points toward the purchase.  So, a plan was put in place at the orphanage for her to do a few little details and she could gain the necessary points.  She accomplished her commitment and two Kamoos were purchased to bless the entire orphanage. 

Janyl took lessons and became quite good.  But she has to share Kamoos’ with other and this is sometimes problematic.  So, how about one for her to own?

Step up sponsor…and her sponsor has funded  her this very special, very lovely, very perfect KAMOOS!

AND IT IS HER VERY OWN.  When orphans literally own nothing of their own – this is an amazing gift to this little girl!


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