Friday, April 30, 2010


When we opened our e-mail this morning, we found the following message had been forwarded to us:

"I have some sad news the orphan girl aged 8 months we were helping from Tokmok died today! My assistant was crying as she told me today that the doctor said they were too late meaning they should have done that operation when she was 3 months. It is very sad and I don’t have any words to describe how I feel about this right now."

How difficult this has been to hear. We had spent several different times with her, played with here slightly - as she was not able to be moved due to her spinal leakage. We are at a loss and our hearts are breaking. When we met her - when the team from Canada went to the baby orphanage - we just melted to her little smile. When we found out she needed the two surgeries and the only barrier was paying for transportation and a caregiver - our team stepped right up to the plate and she was off to the hospital. Second barrier was no shunt - could we find one. And praise God - Kyle had the shunt we needed from the ones we has sent from Med Wish. We got word just last week that she would need to be in the hospital longer than originally expected and sent along another funding for another 10 days in hospital. Today to learn of her death is devastating. Yet with our tears comes the joy of having known her. She was precious. When softly touching her little cheek with our finger, she would give us the smile that would pierce your heart. She gave us so much more than we ever gave her. Her short life is a representation of how hard it is here for people to live.

Upstairs in the apartment above us is a man dying of TB; Jessica's family suffered without medication until we found out about the problem; and these are just two small examples of people suffering and experiencing the harsh realities of life in Kyrgyzstan - when you are poor and forgotten.

From the baby home - alone in the last few weeks we have sent 5 babies to the hospital in Bishkek, have provided caregivers three times for babies who needed surgery. Can you imagine - surgeries are free for these little ones, yet they suffer and wait - WHY? Because they cannot find the funds (about $20) to send them to the hospital in Bishkek or the funds to provide the food, medication and caregiver that is needed for their stay in the hospital(about $100 for ten days). This is just not okay. We need to sponsor this orphanage and ensure that EVERY baby that needs surgery is received immediately into the capital hospital and gets the needed surgery. This is just one baby home - but it is the one in front of us...we CANNOT BE HERE AND ACT IN BLINDNESS. Let's make a difference by making a plan.

With breaking hearts.


Kim said...

My heart goes out to you and those who have personally given their time to this precious little girl.

Lisa Brotherton said...

Lead the way Ruby. Or rather, let Him lead the way through you. We have a large group of waiting families willing to help the children!

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