Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today we headed out in the morning for Bishkek - for two appointments.  One was with the Humanatarian University and the other was with the Agency for Defending Rights.  And of course we were now headed to the city where the major part of the revolution took place.  We were devastated by the sights, yet people were out in masses - attempting to find the new normal.  We had lunch at our favorite restaurant, Beta.  The porch area was not in use as it had all been destroyed.  You could not get into the upstairs area of the mall, as it was all smashed as well.  The Presidential Palace courtyard was crowded with people in prayer, flowers to commemorate those killed on the site, and just onlookers - people in disbelief of what they were seeing.  We found our art store and stocked up on a large quantity of art supplies for our men's disabled home - to start their art department.   This is the first step of the "cottage industry" we are going to help them start, and then on to our meetings.
The Humanatarian University - we told them we would have to start the project in the fall, as we did not feel we could ask people to come over until the government was settled.  The Agency for Defending Rights - we made plans for a lengthy meeting for May 3rd to discuss how we can work together to support strengthening families. 
Once back in Tokmok, we visited our little Akiela, the three year old we blogged about yesterday.  She is heading to the hospital tomorrow for a 10 day stay of treatments - BABIES BOUND FOR BLESSINGS in action again.  We tickled her little face and she did not laugh today, in fact seemed quite agitated with us touching her.  The nurse said she was quite pleasant and active in the morning, but seemed she was not feeling well this afternoon.  We paid for her caregiver for the next 10 days and left the hospital feeling very sad.  Little Akiela is beautiful, cannot walk is three years old, and has no one.  So  many have the same plight around the world - it just become overwhelming sometimes.  We called the hospital to see Melana Grace and our head doctor had already gone for the day and we were told we could not visit today.  It was sad.
Tomorrow we head in a different direction - another contrast - we will be starting a three day training - preparing the teachers, coordinator/pastors to deliver a new curriculum to the Christian Schools. We will also have individuals from Bishkek and seveal other orphanages for this training.   It will be the LIfe Skills project we helped develop for Ukraine.  We are greatful to be able to train them to deliver this curriculum.  It will be such a boost to the children/youth who go through the classes.  Perhaps - just perhaps it will be a little boost for them to make a difference in Kyrgystan in the future.  We can hope.

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