Sunday, April 25, 2010


After the conference was over, we headed back to Father's House for the evening. The team from Sweden, that had been here for a week was scheduled to leave Monday morning - it was time to celebrate with a BBQ. It was a little cool, but we were warmed by the campfire with songs and LOTS of children. Lots of language challenges with smatterings of Russina, English, Ukrainian and Swedish as we managed to communicate with each other. One couple from Sweden had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, one of the children at Father's House her sixteenth birdthay, one of the foster families had just received a new stove.
The hot dogs and chicken were plentiful - the cakes and other treats were yummie.
Included are just a few of the pictures.
Tomorrow will be back to work at the new ILDC [International Leadership and Development Center]office in downtown Kiev.
CHECK IT OUT: Our new website has just gone live. We still have a few details to smooth out, however we are VERY excited with the new look. Thanks James, your work is the best!

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Kim said...

This looks like an amazing evening! What a GREAT way to end your weekend!

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