Sunday, May 2, 2010


We have so much to do and so little time left. Today, we will meet with our partners John, Christa and team members Jayne, David and Natasha to make our plans for two different projects - University Campus Programming - creating something like a Christian Campus Program for the new International University of Central Asia. This is a Mercy Foundation Project and our team mates Jayne and David are teaching there.

The second piece of work for today will be to review our data on the new project - the family recourse home. We have not communicated this project to you in detail yet - as we are still in the praying and data gathering stage. Yet we are close. Just imagine this - a pilot project of excellence as an alternative to orphanages. A family who will raise children and work with us to find adoptive homes - even for older children! We have found the property for sale and have a program design. We have cost out the operating costs, cost out the furnishings of the home and are just waiting to get the costs for the renovations needed. It is a lovely home that would be a great place for children to grow. We have a name for the project, but will keep it a secret until we are ready to fully announce the project plan.

How can you help? Just pray for wisdom and guidance. We have a couple whom we have asked to be our parents for these children. A wonderful couple and we have staff in mind who would be part of the project and a list of persons who would make up a Multi-Disciplinary Team to help with meeting the needs of the children. Miraculously we have names for these positions.

The home has a chicken house, great garden, lots of room for a playground, grape arbors, rose bushes, a pig house, a nice summer kitchen (too hot to cook inside in the summer), super place to study and "hangout" inside. Lots of bedrooms, play space and all in all JUST A FINE HOME FOR CHILDREN!Please pray for these projects - we have some important decisions to make before Friday - when we return to Canada.

Our pictures will give you a focus for your prayers.

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Kim & Randy said...

What an amazing prospect to be considered. Praying that God gives you clarity . . . 'sends you a letter'.

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