Friday, April 30, 2010


Earthquakes, Revolution/Riots, Ash and now we are looking at the final week of this trip. We left Canada for Krygyzstan on Feb. 22nd. and will be returning May 8th. Aside from two short trips to Ukraine , one for training and the other for the Adoption Conference, we have been active here with the seniors, the hospitals, the baby orphanage and other orphanages, the House of Invalids for Adult men, Jessica's family's make over, Leadership training and consultation for Mercy Foundation as well as planning for future projects. Projects involving the implementation of a Child Welfare curriculum into the university program for social workers. The establishment of the first ever foster family group home.

This week we have two more days of training as well as a number of meetings. One day, likley Wednesday, we will make the rounds and visit each of the projects. Our visit is not to say good-bye, but to let them know we will be out of the country for a period of time but if they have special needs they can contact Natasha. Natasha stays in constant communication with us and is able to address needs as they surface. The ministry continues.

So often, we are asked, are you coming back? We understand many come but never return. The fact is LAMb does return, in fact with Natasha - we never leave. Even though some of the faces that come and visit under the umbrella of LAMb are different, folks have come to understand and appreciate the love and care you demonstrate.

Thank you. We so appreciate your prayers and the sharing of your resources as this journey continues.

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