Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This blog may be of particular interest to the mission team that went with us to Ukraine a copula years ago. Remember - you bought a church!

When we were in Ukraine last week, Vika delivered a disk to us of pictures of this village congregation. Wow! They are alive and doing well. I have included just four of the sixty or so pictures they sent.

Guess what? They are expanding and they want to buy the property next to the church for children's ministry. It has a price tag of one thousand dollars. If you want to be involved in a little or big way, let us know. You can use the Canada Helps button and simply designate village church. We will be travelling to Ukraine in June to do training in Kiev, but have scheduled a weekend in Krivey Rog. That would be the opportune time to connect with them once again.

We were blessed once to be part of this, in fact I have a church "brick" at home to show for it. Please share this with others from that team or with any others that might also want to get on board the 'blessing' train.

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