Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today, we sent three babies and their caregivers to the Bishkek hospital.  Each of these babies had serious problems and needed immediate help.
Baby #1 - we told you about her earlier in our blog.  She needs surgery for a serious spinal issue and she is also needing a second operation.  She is hydrocepholic.  The doctor at the baby home where she is from called to say they did not have a shunt and could we help.  Well, yes, in fact, we brought a suitcase of shunts over several months ago.  We called the person in charge of these shunts and yes he had the right one. 
Baby #2 - is three years old and needed tests for her heart condition.  She is such a beautiful little girl and has down syndrome.  She is so responsive and loves Lynn - just lights up when she sees him!  She is off to the hospital today for tests.  We pray they can do something for her serious heart condition.
Baby #3 - has a cleft palet and need surgery - today this baby is safe in the hospital for this operation. 
We have a great project started - it is called Babies Bound for Blessings (BBB).  Here is how it will work:
1.  We hire a taxi driver from Tokmok - he is on call at any time to transport our babies to Bishkek.  We have a standing/growing fund for this - managed by our on the ground person here in Kyrgyzstan.  This is $22 per round trip.
2.  We start a fund for the caregiver who will need to stay with the baby (the hospitals do not have caregiver/nurses to be with the children and help them).  This fund will cover the hospital caregiver day fee, food for the baby and medication ( which is not covered either.)  Cost for this will be about $150 for the caregiver and about $50 for the food and medication.  So a total of about $200 will cover each baby going to the hospsital and needing to stay for about 15 days!  This fund will grow and be available for these BABIES BOUND FOR BLESSINGS!\
It is in action NOW.  So far we have sent three babies!  Want to help?  You can be a BLESSING FOR A BABY!  Let's help this baby home do what they really want to do - help babies!

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