Wednesday, April 21, 2010


For those of you following the progress with Jessica's family, we did a drop in visit this past Monday. We took baby clothes, some toys for the children and food for the family. Although mom and the baby both were sick with a cold/flu, we were extremely pleased with the condition of the apartment. This was our first visit since the team makeover. Everything was neat and clean, the beds were all made, shoes were neatly lined up by the doorway. The new carpet was spotless, the kitchen was clean etc. While we are in Kiev this week, Natasha is arranging for the older daughter to have a doctor's assessment for the eye operation she needs. We will keep you posted.

Amid all of the "ash" fallout, we made the trip from Kyrgyzstan to Kiev, via Moscow, with only a three hour delay. Our biggest challenge was the 3 hour wait in the transit line at the Moscow airport to get our boarding passes for the leg to Kiev. After that we tackled an airport restaurant for lunch - wow! Ruby and I each had a bottle of water, a small salad, a coffee and we split a hamburg. The bill was $81 US dollars plus tip! What a contrast to our home away from home in Tokmok where our next door babuska survives on a pension of $27 a month. An average monthly salary would be around 4200 soms per month. Right now $100 US dollars coverts to 4510 soms.

Thanks again for all of you who have provided prayers, praises and payments for those facing circumstances where hope has been lost. For many, as a result of your kindness, hope has been kindled. As we go, stopping for the one God places in front of us, know that yours is a critical role that allows us to serve them.

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