Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Freshly arrived in Ukraine last night, training activities are in full swing today. Jayne Schooler has a full class at a training center across the river and Ruby is co-training here at the ILDC office. Tonight Pastor David is training a group at Father's House.

The new ILDC (International Leadership and Training Center) office is working out quite nicely. We have a reception area, three small working offices, a small kitchen, plus a training (conference room).

Each day of this week is packed with activities. This weekend we are part of cosponoring the first ever "Strengthening Families" Adoption Conference here in Ukraine. We are expecting 75 adoptive couples to register Friday afternoon. Opening ceremonies Friday night will feature keynote speaker Roman Korniko, founder and president of Father's House. The Saturday morning general session with speaker Nikolai Kuleba is entitled "Implementation of mentorship into the child welfare system". This session will be followed by a number of specialized workshops throughout the day. A special mid day feature will be "Telling the Truth" by the world famous author Jayne Schooler. The general session in the evening, featuring Tamara and Peter Dudnik, is titled "The one who overcomes will be rewarded". The conference will wrap up Sunday morning focused on the topic "The Lost Art of Fatherhood", presented by Steve Weber.

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