Sunday, April 18, 2010


We are moving forward with a number of things while we wait for the volcano ash to open the sky for our flight to Ukraine.  As we mentioned before we have co-sponsored the first ever adoption conference in Ukraine and we have a big part in the workshops, etc.  David and Jayne are presently still scheduled for leaving on Tuesday and we just got rebooked to leave on Thursday.  Our flight for today was cancelled since the airport in Kiev is still closed. grass will grow under our feet!  After church we got busy....
1.  We took food, clothing and toys over to "Jessica's" family today. We truly wondered how things would look since our renovation there.  Would they keep things nice, have sold everything?  What would it be like.  We gathered up lots of things, including some great fruit for the children and away we went - unannounced  We were greeted at the door with big hugs and kisses from the children.  Immediately they were into the apples and enjoying their sweet treat.  Upon entering the home we were shocked and amazed.  It was immaculate.  They had put some wonderul stickers we had left them on the wall in the living room, rearranged their kitchen a little and there was NOT a sign of clutter or a mess anywhere!  It was super organized.  Mom was in bed suffereing from a cold.  She got up and joined us but obviously had a deep chest cold.  The baby was sick too.  We did not have our interpreter with us , but we think she asked us if we could help with some medication - which we will follow up on.    Dad was there and was NOT drunk.  We have not seen him drunk at all this trip.  He just smiles and went to pick up the baby so we could see her and play with her for a little while. 
And some super news - the town brought a water spicket to outside of their apartment.  Now they do not need to walk two blocks to get water!  This was a very welcome sight.  Keep praying for this family - we know they are very special and God has a plan for them and for their little community!
2.  We gathered up materials to take to Iskra tomorrow.  We will talk with them about getting the project started for the Art Department - pictures to follow later. 
3.  Then we need to stop by Kemin to take some supplies out to them - requested items.  Art paper, pastels, eye glasses, some barber tools and of course food.
4.  Tonight we will have a meeting here with our team - to discuss the new Resource Home Project we are working on.  We have some exciting news to report there soon.  Imagine - an alternative to orphanages - 10 children in a family type foster home!  Lots to report soon on this project.  And we will have some great pictures of the new home - should this go forward!
5.  Training ended yesterday - taught 23 students to use the Life Skills.  They were school pricipals, teachers and orphanage leaders.  Five Christian Schools, four orphanages and one program from Bishkek that works with street children.  They were estatic and ready to begin delivering the tools to the schools, and youth.  Great to see their excitement.
Well, that is a little snipet.  But we hit the floor early each day and crash into bed late each night.  We are thrilled each day to be able to serve such an awesome God!

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