Friday, April 23, 2010


Our 'own' Jayne Schooler delivering A Key Note address. Jayne's book Telling the Truth" was part of the package each family received.... ABOUT 180 ADOPTIVE PARENTS ATTENDED

The conference was co-sponsord with CBN and Father's House here in Ukraine. This conference is a celebration of creating family throught adoption. We are excited to know that in the time where there is secrecy in adoption in Ukraine, these families see the importance of coming together to celebrate and make public their choice in adopting.

We have a great venue planned. And of course some changes due to the recent volcano issues. Originally we were to have Terry Meuwseen from CBN US joining us, but she is stranded in the UK. So, our venue and key note speakers have changed to bring more nationals to the stage.

Our MC is our favorite Ukraine connection - Mr. Ed Dickson. We met with him last night to go over final details for the conference and he already has his stories - not a surprize, right?

We will give a full report of the speakers, events and even some pictures in upcoming blogs. Jayne will be doing a key note and we will present her book to EVERY participant at the conference.

This is truly an important moment in the adoption program of Ukraine.

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