Thursday, April 8, 2010


JOY OH JOY....helping this little family. Father, mother and older daughter worked along side of our LAMb team all day. Corrie, Jim, Deb, Casaundra, Kristine, Karl, Jayne, David, John, Emma, Vlady, Lynn and Ruby - what a team. We are happy to say the little family is resting safely in their home tonight - amid the confusion outside with the many different riots. Thank you ALL who have helped support this little family. We had a wonderful time with them again and as we prayed for their future, they were just humbled and so greatful for these strangers in their land who brought grace, mercy, hope and dignity. We will return to them - they are our family now - they told us we are their sisters and brothers. WE ARE!


Kim said...

I love these pictures! What a blessing to this family! This is what God's love is all about!

JessicaL22 said...
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JessicaL22 said...

It is soo good to see them doing so wonderful, please let them know i think and pray for them daily. Cant wait till we meet again,,,, Prayer and Love always


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