Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sitting at the airport Sophie and the team asked if we would leave early as we are scheduled to return home in May.  We assured her them this had not even crossed our minds.  We feel more needed here than ever.  We can comfort, love and help those who are in so much pain feel the love of the Father.  This is a hurting country and we have many many friends who need words of comfort and peace at this time.
Please pray for a quick resolve of this changing government.
The LAMb Team on the Ground in Kyrgyzstan
Lynn and Ruby 

Update from Kyrgyzstan. The team left today - and are now in Moscow. All is well with them. Our drive to the airport started last night at 7pm. We were blessed to have the favor of God. We took back roads to get to the airport, but came upon a very large group of rioters on the road to Bishkek - they were burning down an area called Hawaii, where the owner and his mother had just been killed. They started to storm our van, but our driver was quick to move and dodge them and hurry off. We got to the airport and did not know what we would find - there were NO guards or police there - unprotected at first. We spend the night in the airport and the team flew out in the morning - at 9:30am - throught the night men arrived with white arm bands and said they were there to protect the airport. Not police or official, it seemed, but made us feel much better for sure. There were a number of people at the airport overnight. But we praise Him - the team is out safe. We are hunkered down once again in our apartment in Tokmok - we received a call moments ago saying there would be more rioting tonight. They are gethering outside somewhere - not sure if it is up the street or over at the bus station. Please pray for this country - we love these people and they are really hurting right now. Please pray for the new government - that they will be the "taste of the living water" to the soul. Thank you for carring....and check the blog. We cannot get on the blogs from here and have to go through a "back door" to post. Please know we ARE WHERE WE WANT TO BE! WE ARE NOT IN FEAR AND NOT UNCERTAIN ABOUT OUR DECISION TO BE HERE.
Lynn and Ruby - "As we go - and stop for the one in front of us!"


Kim said...

Love you guys! Keep doing what you are doing! His protection is all around you!

DaveO said...

I read the article on the internet posted by Mindy Belz of WORLD magazine. I then searched for LAMb and found this blog. I am sure many will be praying for you and this country and especially God's purposes there. May the Lord continue to give you peace and strength to serve Him and declare the only true hope for a fallen world.

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