Thursday, April 15, 2010


Akiela is off to the hospital today.  She has a severe heart problem and needs about 10 days of treatment.  We went and said good-bye to her yesterday and will see her again after she returns.  We have now sent four babies in the last three days.  Two for surgeries, one for a check-up and not Akiela for treatment. 
We also just put the word out for more shunts - we want to keep a supply in Bishkek so that NO baby has to wait for the right size.  Shunts here are over $500.  And we can get them from medical supply recyclers for $0.  We just need to get them over here!  Anyone with connections on this issue and want to help - contact us please.

"COTTAGE INDUSTRY" FOR ISKRA - we picked up a huge amount of art supplies from Bishkek yesterday and cannot wait to get it out to the men's disabled home and get the project started for the cottage industry.  You will get a chance to purchase the paintings once they are done.  You will see them on the this blog and can let us know if you are interested - then just donate and we will send it to  you!  The donation will go back to purchase more supplies or to give the LAMb bucks to keep the men "working."  Bringing hope and dignity to them is our dream!
TAP SHOES NEEDED!!!!!ASAP.  One of the men at the Kemin Senior Home used to tap, play spoons.  He desperately wants a pair of tap shoes.  He showed us his steps (he is 82 years old) and can he ever dance.  Then he stopped and said, "Why should I do that, I cannot hear my feet!"  He has short feet - size 39.  Anyone have a pair of tap shoes in the closet for this man?  He also want a xylophone in the worst way.  Again - bringing hope and dignity to the seniors.  Right now - they eat and sleep.  We know they can do more - remember we had a 1 hour performance from them just a few days ago!  (The video is of Anatolie - playing the spoons, behind him is Dusenbeck who was our mc.  Anatolie wants the tap shoes!)
We are thankful that they are working in the craft room - the Gift of God Friendship Center.  We have stocked this with crafts and will continue to do more.  Next is to bring them a sewing machine.  They are anxious for this to arrive.

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