Monday, May 14, 2012


Our training site - quite nice!

Problem solving during training.

Holding up their special gift - the book by our team member Jayne Schooler.
Wounded Children Healing Homes

words of an adoptive parent in training...

Today was one of those to training and had over 50 people in attendance.  The group - My Home is an organization that works with Christian Adoptive Families in supporting them in many ways.  Training, building, resources, etc.  They are an awesome group.  One of the most important parts of their support is how they bring together the families and encourage them to help one another.

Tonight Ruby takes the 12  hour train back to Kiev - to prepare for an early meeting - looking at more ways to encourage those families who are parenting children who have had some serious trauma in their lives.  Lynn stays in Kherson to work with Agape - and the graduating class from the Bible College.  He will be conducting a full day of training for them.

And what does the rest of the week involve?  Well how about a powerful conference of over 200 people who are looking at new and innovative ways to ensure there is soon to be a UKRAINE WITHOUT ORPHANS.

ILDC is on the move.  Making a difference over and over again.  We are so proud of our staff and the way they are connecting the DOTS OVER AND OVER AGAIN - making a difference through equipping and activating nationals.  Ephesians 4:12.

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