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Our team sharing with some of the persons at Iskra Dump.  Once again,
they thanked the team, telling us they really do not get help from anyone.  One woman shared how her
son was pinned between a dump truck and a car at the dump - killing him recently and how her husband had died just a few months earlier.  She cried and said she  just wanted to die.  

Andy was a hit - he and Josiah here are blessing this pair at the Iskra Dump.  T-shirts are donations from the Canadian Cancer Society.  What a blessing to our friends.

Some people just have to clown around.  Andy climbed the 24.5 meter tower and looked for the photo op!  Seems he is a real kid at heart.

So we decided to put him to work!  Best way to control him!

PREVIEWING:  The team had the opportunity today to see one of the village schools of Mercy Foundation and after experience a little visit to Burana Tower - one of the sites along the Silk Road used for trading of merchandise.

PAINTING:  After the morning excursion, they ended up at the local small orphanage to help with some of the renovations.  So working side by side with children, our team and with Vlady and Amozot (Jessica's family - the dad!).  It was a paint and build the fence day.

We also visited Jessica's family and talked to them about the sponsorship project to see if they were willing to be part of the program.  We hope to find a sponsor for the family.  Since dad was working with Valdy, we took the information on the children, etc.  Inura will talk to Amozot and let us know if they will be part of the program.

PLAYING:  The work is started and will take some time to finish - however our team was able to contribute and make a difference and Andy taught them how to sing and paint at the same time.  "If your happy and you know it, paint the wall,....."

PRESENTING:  Tomorrow we are off to Bishkek.  I am doing training for the day with SOS Children's Villages and the team will be able to see the work of Teen Challenge, etc.

PREPARING:  Saturday - we are fishing with the village!  Well, we are going to the mountains and doing our best to get some fishing in.  The village is really excited and with the little rain this afternoon - I will guess they will have a large bucket of worms - oh my!  We will have a grand time and the group is growing

1.  Village of East Iskra - maybe 100
2.  Invited our Dayspring Family - 10
3.  Sergae, Annya and family - 6
4.  Our team - 13

A whopping 126 not including drivers.

"I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills, I love the ....."  go ahead and sing it!

The LAMb Team

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