Thursday, May 17, 2012


The conference ends today - with over 150 leaders heading to all parts of Ukraine with ideas of how they might strengthen the movement to get children into families.

One amazing key-note from the director of One Hope spoke about his concerns and disappointments about all about the work being done in the orphanages.  He identified how so much help has come into Ukraine to renovate the orphanages, paint the walls, fix fences, build new structures, buy expensive equipments, etc.  He indicated that people from local government come in and see these improvements and have some common statements, "Wow this is a great place for kids."  They then like to return and bring their "buddies" to see the great work being done in the orphanages.

He goes on to tell of how they have even said - "We need to build more orphanages just like this!"

Oh my - work on buildings does not bring family to a child.  Most especially when they see the western money coming in and helping the structures improve - they see this as the GOOD and miss the hurts, the trauma, the losses, the REAL needs of the children.

He goes on to say, if we could just divert that help and finances to finding families, training those wanting to adopt, supporting them and encouraging adoption we truly would be doing what is GOOD and RIGHT.

We were grieved by this truth.  Putting funds into a building might just be hindering the long term goal of finding families for children.  As right now in Ukraine there are government leaders who just want to build more orphanages.  We MUST correct that message - let's BUILD MORE FAMILIES!

Location:  Baptist Church Conference Center Irperm

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One of our sessions - leaders hard at work.

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