Sunday, May 13, 2012


JESSICA'S FAMILY:  Father is now working - with our dear Vlady.  He feels the astonishment each day he can bring food home to his family.  


Each day we hear of new ways ILDC - Ukraine can serve the country of Ukraine and even surrounding countries.  As a new and growing organization we have been faithfully delivering training and consultations to anyone wanting to strengthen families and protect children from harm.   This work can be confusing to many - as often people wonder what we do.  Being here once again has reminded us - it is NOT about us DOING anything.  It is about others feeling astonished by the impact of a caring God who has given  them new skills, hope and dignity to continue working toward a better way.  It is about being able to serve and be a conduit of information, hope and methodology to work with hurting children and families who are in crisis.

We are overwhelmed at the stories - they continue to flow.  The mother who was going to disrupt her family and return a child to the orphanage until she came to the Strengthening Family Christian Conference.  The crisis in her family was confronted and she uses new and different strategies to ease the difficult times. 

We see the impact of bringing HOPE and DIGNITY to families going through other difficulties, as relief can be offered in tangible ways - leading to the family being "astonished that God cared enough for them to bring this relief."

ILDC Ukraine and ILDC Kyrgyzstan commits to bringing best practice - evidenced based training and consultation to those working with families.  We commit to showing up and stopping for the one in front of us.  Does it  make a difference?  We will let others make that decision:

  • Asking the village who when to the mountains as an entire village - something they could not do but so wanted to do for years.
  • Asking the men's disabled home if going to the mountain and waterfalls meant anything to them.
  • Asking the gentleman in the wheel chair if it made a difference when he saw a real waterfall and felt the mist on his face after he was carried to the falls - did it make a difference to him to be there and not be looking at a book of pictures of falls?
  • Asking the crisis family if they feel Hope and the presence of God with the job of the father in the family.
  • Asking the social worker who cried in training about wanting to do good things - just not knowing how to help - and walked away encouraged and with renewed commitment to helping.
  • Asking the little girls at Dayspring if they are thankful for a safe and loving family.
  • Asking the local government agencies we work with if new books and materials are appreciated and timely.
  • Asking the local pastors we work with if they have felt encouraged in their daily work and supported by the small little gifts of aide.
  • Asking the teachers, psychologists and others working with families if their new information made a difference and hearing the stories of how they just want more and more and cannot wait for more.
Perhaps most of all asking ourselves - "Do you see astonishment in the eyes of others in recognition of God's provision - God's help - God's timing and a gratefulness in their hearts that messengers have been sent."  Nothing we can do or say can make a difference - it is NOT about us, it is about serving as best we can - carrying forth the message of HOPE and DIGNITY."

Two organizations - staffed with incredible people - doing the best they can - taking forward a message that we can make a difference in our community, in our country and in our world.  We see the impact, we hear the stories and WE BELIEVE - WORKING TOWARD A WORLD WITHOUT ORPHANS and a world that values and respects the elderly and disabled.  

A world trained and equipped:  Ephesians 4:12

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