Sunday, May 6, 2012


from the

Nasta, Elena and Jenia

Bryan and Andy enjoying the praise and worship part of the service.

Our team - with Pastor Jenia.

The Children's Church often has over 100 children.  In addition to the church they offer,
children come to the center for music lessons, language lessons and break dancing lessons.

Bryan sharing why he and his wife Jenny came to Kyrgyzstan.

Jenny sharing about our home church - Mapleview Community Church.  She 
shared how the youth serve in the community of Barrie.  

Andy - gave the youth a challenge with three suggestions:  
1.  Read your Bible every day.
2.  Pray every day.
3.  Be kind to others every day.

Once the service was over - we joined together for a spagetti dinner.  After dinner
Lynn, Bryan and Andy did the dishes and cleaned up.  

Our day was awesome, starting with service at the Chinese Church, home to prepare for the Children's Church and lunch - then off to Children's Church.  After Chinese Church we looked at a home that is a potential for Jeremiah House.

Jeremiah House will be a transition home for youth graduating out of the orphanages.  AND WE NEED THIS DESPERATELY.  1/3 of the youth graduating - are successful.  2/3 are lost to suicide, prostitution, murder, addictions or prison.  We have so many youth we have worked with for years and are getting ready to leave the orphanages - oh how we want to be able to help them transition to adult life.  You can help us with this - we need your support desperately.  

The home we looked at is GREAT for Jeremiah House - very little renovation needed and would be operable quickly.  We just need the capital to purchase the home.  

Finally, we closed our day and had a great dinner and wonderful fellowship at our LAMb base.  

TOMORROW:  Baby Orphanage, Baby Hospital, Dr. Jitsuns, Hope Clinic, Russian Clinic - all to deliver medical supplies and needed items.  Afternoon - Kemin Home for Homeless Seniors.  Evening - Dayspring to have dinner and enjoy a movie with the children and invited local orphanage - about 20 kids with another 10 or so adults - DID I SAY FUN?  JOY?  LAUGHER?  HOPE?  DIGNITY?


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