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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back in 'normal' life

Based on my phone, it's been 33 days since our departure date for Kyrgyzstan.  I wish it was since we arrived in Kyrgyzstan and that we were still there.

Randy and I are back into our normal schedule finally this week after a few crazy weeks doing things out of the normal since we returned back to North America.  Our return this time is different.  I definitely know it is for me and I can tell in lots of ways it is for Randy as well.  A day doesn't go by where I don't think about the people we met in Kyrgyzstan.  I can still feel the hugs from the Girls of Dayspring, see the years of experience in the eyes of the seniors of Kemin, the need to be accepted from the disabled men in Iskra, the eagerness to share culture from the families of the Village of Kemin, the disbelief on the faces of the staff at medical centers and orphanages when they receive a donation from foreigners that they can't afford to do on their own (basic medical supplies included!!!!!!!!!).

This time to leave was VERY hard and I don't think many days go by that I don't tear up and feel the loss of separation from those that I met.  (nice . . . tears and I'm sitting in a public restaurant . . .)  This is REALLY different from last year.  My heart is breaking.  I want to do more.  I want to make a difference.  But I don't know how.  What is needed takes money to support those who are there working, those who want to move there permanently but don't have the resources.  The monies to purchase more space for the national staff to work from and to manage the activities going on in Kyrgyzstan, the monies to purchase a home to rescue transitional teens who are aging out of the orphanages and if they don't get rescued will only have a 1/3 chance of survival.  THIS IS OVERWHELMING!!!!  I feel this burden like never before.  I feel this burden for the LAMb team as they see the needs and try to figure out HOW to do it all.  If my heart is breaking just imagine how they are all feeling . . . they know the orphans at risk of being abandoned to the streets, the families that are struggling to survive - they know the faces, they know the potential if only they just had a little help.

What can we do?  We can continue to pray - pray that God opens up the floodgates in this wonderful country. Pray that the LAMb team is blessed and anointed to do His work.  We can also get the word out.  We can find sponsors willing to support a child, a senior, a family, a disabled man on a monthly basis.  We can go to adoption conferences to talk about LAMb, we can find churches that want to hear more about A World without Orphans, we can find organizations that want to know how to help an orphanage or a medical clinic that has nothing including basic supplies.  We can do this but how to start?  I don't know but time to take that to prayer as well.  God is changing us.  He is changing our hearts.  We want to listen.  We want to obey.  We are seeking for our purpose here on this earth . . .

This blog may be a bit rambling or confusing but it is my heart.  It is some of what I am thinking and feeling now that we are back.  I can absolutely say that I am forever changed and I'm 99.9999999% sure that Randy is as well . . .

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