Wednesday, May 2, 2012



Brian is teaching little Emma how to spin a pinwheel.
Success for both!

Our little Dayspring girls all ready for the birthday dinner!

Checking out the beautiful crafts made by children - learning a little "micro" business.



Andy telling us about his day with John.

Today was an awesome day.  We started out this morning realizing that no one notified our driver we needed him to carry us around the valley.  But not to fear - we managed to get on the road just 1/2 later than planned.  Then it was off to the dump - deliver food and just visit with our dear friends.  Second stop was to deliver food - but we were in for a surprise.  

We stopped at East Iskra Village to leave bags of pasta and they heard we were coming and prepared chai for us.  Well chai in Kyrgy style is a meal!  AND YOU MUST PARTAKE!  So, while having chai and lots of other things - we were once again reminded that JOHN PROMISED to take the village to the mountains to go fishing.  HMMMM.

So in checking with our team - they agreed this might be a good idea for Saturday - whole village - husbands, wives and children (there must be hundreds :) on a BIG bus and head to the mountains.  So to plan - the excitement suddenly became so loud it was hard to hear.  They had been wanting to go to the mountains for several years.  Saturday would be the day.

1.  Fishing - so I asked who was going to bring the worms.  Our most vocal male at our table said the ENTIRE VILLAGE would go dig worms. HMMM guess that is not going to be a problem.

2.  We asked about food - they said they would make the food - we said our team would pay.  Okay - funds to Larissa.  She said they would have a "board meeting" in the village to make the final details of what food to bring etc.  

3.  Transportation - they thought one big bus would hold the village - so we are getting one that took 120 children to a celebration before.  HMMM never knew a bus to hold that many.  But we called the bus company and indeed they will have a bus for us for $150 for the day.

4.   Route to the mountains - next the challenge.    Seems two men wanted to be the leader.  Each thought they could do the best.  We left them to figure that one out.

5.  Time to leave - decided we need to leave at 6am and we needed to bring music for the day! Out of the cases will come the ukeleles.  But it seems they  really meant a boom box!

Finally plans in place we headed back to Tokmok to prepare for the Birthday party.  Oh HAPPY DAY.


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Kim said...

I want to come back! Two weeks wasn't enough time. Hugs to all!

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