Saturday, March 6, 2010


KYRGYZSTAN - Little Mylena, the newest addition to "Jessica's Family." What about a makeover for their home? Hey, team consider this! We took them a load of food today, all the family members were there. This family is really trying! Babushka selling us items to take to "Jessica's Family."

Beautiful little children at Orlovka orphanage kindergarden. Just so precious.

Sights from the market - as we went to gather some supplies for our team who is coming in next week.


UKRAINE -I leave for Ukraine tomorrow and Lynn will be joining me in about one week. We will return here on the 25th. In Ukraine we have some exciting work - working with our team on the ground there - helping to activate and lead others to reach their full potential and to provide ideas. We will be actively working to "keep the gates closed" to the placment of children in orphanages. Our days will be crammed full of training and work with the locals.

Our team in Ukraine is strong and getting ready to take over the full responsibility for the work - we will continue to be their support system, encourager and team builder. We thank each and everyone of you for the help you have offered for this work.

Remember we are preparing to offer the first EVER adoption conference in April in Ukraine. We still need donors for this event - still hoping to raise another $2,500. This is a major event, as there will be over 150 parents coming together to CELEBRATE ADOPTION! Praise God for these families.


Kim said...

Next year maybe I can see the market and the families and the people! Keep sharing! I appreciate you sharing your heart and your experiences. Love to she God's love in action!!!! PTL!!!

Julie and John Wright said...

Bekah saw the photo of the lady selling stuff for Jessica's family and got so excited... she says ..." Thier's my tomatoe lady..." Please tell her Bekah is on her way... Bekah has even packed a present for her..hahaha

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