Saturday, March 27, 2010



You will likely remember the story of Elizabeth, the woman from Nigeria that was stranded at the Moscow airport for almost two years. Her story is a terrible one and we are just thankful that the United Nations finally found her family and was able to prove her identity. As a result she was returned to her home country of Nigeria.

During our many visits with Elizabeth at the airport transit zone in Moscow over about a years time - we were made aware of another individual who had been there even longer than Elizabeth - a man from India. We don't know his name, don't know his story - he was always so silent. But we prayed that the United Nations would soon get him out as well.

TODAY, we were just there - at the transit zone in Moscow on a layover from Kiev as we were returning to Kyrgyzstan. The layover was for about 4 hours. We decided to take a walk to the end of the upper level walkway in the secured zone and WERE SHOCKED AT WHAT WE FOUND. THERE HE WAS. ITEMS ON THE FLOOR, SLEEPING ON OLD BLANKETS, left by other passengers seeing his plight, piles of plaid plastic bags, filled with assortments of items left by passengers hoping to ease his pain and suffering. But he is STILL THERE. We know so little - what to do, how to help? This is a devastating story - but then WHAT IS THE STORY? HE HAS LOST HOPE - CARES NOT TO TALK TO ANYONE. HE IS ALONE, IMAGINE HOW ALONE....AMID THE HUSTLE OF THOUSANDS. HOW CAN THIS BE?

PLEASE PRAY FOR A RESOLUTION HERE - we left him money for food, but what is money when you are trapped like a caged animal. HOW CAN THIS BE?

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