Thursday, March 18, 2010


The beauty of the village - with the winter in spring still on the ground. Abandoned, but history galore. This masterpiece could speak volumns. The group of professionals - just one more ready to make a difference!


The beauty of Ukraine stretches far into the villages. One such reminder is this abandoned religious monument. It stands tall in this village as a reminder of days past. We conducted training here with over 20 leaders, who appreciated hearing about child welfare practices and how they can integrate new with the old.

One touching story was from a senior worker and her young staff, asking/begging us to come to her village and bring training to her village families. She claimed child abuse and reckless marriages are a severe problem for them. Her question, “do you have any training on just good parenting”, or “any training on building a strong marriage?”

We discussed possibilities and other persons who will be coming to Ukraine in the(30 people waiting for some “tools.”) How could we refuse?

Our stay was quite pleasant in the hotel. It is the first time we have actually stayed in a hotel in Ukraine, all these years we have accepted accommodations in homes, apartments, orphanages or such.

The training venue here was conducted in a government building where people go to seek a job. The building was bustling all day long during the training. Unemployment in Ukraine is high and the young people coming here to this site seeking a job only reminded us of the “hope and dignity” having work brings a person. We continue to pray for every opportunity to strengthen this fine country – we offer what we have been “groomed” for all these years. Training. We know from personal experience in our own lives with family and friends, you can offer all the training and humanitarian help you have and it is still up to the individual to take hold of their situation and make a difference. We cannot make choices for them.

This group of leaders will leave the training site with new information – and the next step is up to them. Our project continues to be – KEEPING CHILDREN OUT OF THE ORPHANAGES…THESE LEADERS ARE THE GATEKEEPERS.

Every Child Ukraine is our partner in this – they have a strong presence here and have done some amazing work. We are honored to be a little link in the bigger picture.

Working together to determine the family with strength, the family who will be good for a child.

Our work continues here in Ukraine. We have additional training with the new trainers, then two more leadership groups and finally working with Father’s House staff through their own transition.

FATHER’S HOUSE is a quality Christian organization which serves children and families in the Kiev area. They have developed family type foster homes, a rehabilitation center, a mother/child program, a summer camp program for children at risk, and are continually working on additional ideas and projects which will serve children as Christ has called all of us to do.

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