Friday, March 5, 2010


We delivered the machine to the hospital on Monday and by Thursday it did not work. WHY? Too many button pushers - they had reset the settings by pushing too many buttons. Dr. Jordan set up again. And once again, it it now working with clear instructions - "LIMIT THE BUTTON PUSHERS!" What a thrill to be so honored by the men - for this National Holiday of Woman's Day. The official holiday is Monday, so today at the places of work, women were honored. We were invited to Mercy Foundation for this honor. We were served a wonderful lunch by the men, given gifts and kind warm wishes for good health, etc. What a great experience.

We shopped at the market for juice for the Baby Orphanage and then delivered it. Dr. Jordan here carrying one of the boxes in to Dr. Tatiana (seen below in the white jacket). We then were treated to another Woman's Day event - the performance of the children 2-4 in the Baby Orphanage. What a GREAT EXPERIENCE. They danced and danced - in beautiful costumnes - so cute. They were thrilled to be performing for us.

And we are thrilled to report the results of our lecture from yesterday - where over 80 students, faculty and NGO employees gathered to hear the lecture on Child Abuse conducted by Dr. Jordan. It was awesome and the response fabulous. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear the results. And we have a commitment from Dr. Jordan - she is coming back to join us in our work! Wow...ENDING OUR FIRST WEEK (LIKE A YEAR!)

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Kim & Randy said...

Love your Woman's Day pictures! How honoring!

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