Friday, March 19, 2010


DEVELOPING TRAINERS AND KNOWING THE IMPORTANCE OF INFLUENCE - We have often taught about the opportunity to influence when you are doing training. One of the most powerful tools for influence is modeling "best practice." Here you can see the response to a powerful question? "What hats might a trainer need to wear to influence?" LOOK AT THE ANSWER THIS GROUP CAME UP WITH...

Lynn is "influencing" through his sailor hat....maybe a "graduation" hat. We are not quite sure what it is.
Influence is beginning to happen. Might these two trainers do co-leading and model what Lynn is teaching?
Or shall these two trainers build the foundation for knowledge and help families and children to see what a "star" they really are?
Or perhaps, help families deal with their "ills" and encourage them to shine like a diamond in the sky!
No matter what the influence might encourage, ultimately these trainers will go out into the villages, cities and share with families that they are the key to their children's success. They will be the GATEKEEPERS OF TOMORROW!

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