Thursday, March 4, 2010


Katcha and Annya our dear little babushkas. They were so excited to see us - especially Annya who has been there since they opened. We love them. Soon we will have a team with us to do their hair, massage their hands and feet. Dr. Jordan blessed each one with a brand new warm scarf for their necks - that she personally made!

This might not look like much, but it is MAJOR. This little room houses the new furnace for the senior home. It was build on to the house for this purpose. The project was started by our friends and partners - John and Julie Wright of Possibilities International. They did all the indoor pipes and rads..we completed thanks to a donor from Ohio. Our part was the building you see and the furnace and of course a little coal.
Lynn is carrying in some goodies for our little seniors. They love the tangerines and the sweet breakfast buns. This will make a delightful tea time for them - a treat they are not likely to get very often. Thanks Jordan for the treat!!

And - the wonderful gift that kept our dear ones warm this winter - the first picture to be posted. We were delighted to see this working...what a wonderful gift from our friends and donors from Ohio!

Finally - our final exciting moment - to see the renovated room - done. Our workers plastered the ceiling and walls, brought electricity to the ceiling and around the room for the craft projects, ordered and installed cupboards and as well found these GREAT solid oak top tables for their crafts. We just have to purchase two comfortable chairs for near the window - for reading. And we will purchase six nice chairs to pull up to the tables. As well, we need a sewing machine. The director told us that already - one of the men has been working at the tables - he loves to work on electronics and he has been making a radio! Wow we are excited. THANK YOU OUR CANADIAN DONORS FOR THIS WONDERFUL GIFT! Today we went to Bishkek and scouted out one of the stores for six dining room tables and 30 chairs. Stay tuned for this one.

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