Wednesday, March 31, 2010



We told the seniors we would be out for the entire day to:
Prepare them a meal fit for kings and queens.
Bring some surprises.
Play chess and checkers.
Do hand massages.

Then they told us they would be doing a performance for us - and did they ever! THERE WERE SEVERAL WAITING FOR US IN THE YARD WHEN WE ARRIVED....ALL DRESSED UP. EVERY SENIOR DRESSED IN THEIR FINEST FOR THIS DAY.

We had songs, speeches, poems, jokes, accordion music, dances, wooden spoon concert on and on. We have NEVER SEEN SO MANY SMILES....

Today the team delivered a "ton" of wonderful things to them. Each senior received a beautiful hand made afghan from our sister church in Barrie - Cederview. The women worked hard to make slippers and afghans for them. We also has asked each senior what their wish list was. With that list, we sent the team into the market and collected their wishes. What a joy! We brought shoe repair material, hair cutting tools, art supplies, videos, classical music, socks, slippers and on and on! We put the items in beautiful "tjmax" bags brought from my visit with my sister.

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Kim & Randy said...

What a WONDERFUL day!!!!!! I knew you were looking forward to this day and it looks like it was just amazing!!!!

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