Sunday, March 14, 2010



Dear Friends,

I cannot tell you how often we meet with parents, caregivers, children and others who are in deep pain on how to deal with the trauma that a child has experienced. Just last night, I had a worker begging me to help this mother of a nine year old girl that had been raped by her father. She pleaded for something to say to the mother, what to do to help her to help her child.

We don't have all the answers - but we do have a resource available that would be a tool to give out. This is the book that our team member (Jayne Schooler) wrote - Wounded Children Healing Homes. It is a powerful book that WILL HELP. Please help us get it translated into Russian and published for the Russian speaking world. We will be giving it away free of charge and we know it will be a blessing to many hurting families, parents and children. WE CAN GET IT TRANSLATED AND PUBLISHED - ABOUT 1500 COPIES FOR $5,250. THIS IS A LOT OF MONEY, AND WE NEED YOUR HELP. This is a special request on behalf of those who are hurting - please consider helping us get this published and into the hands of so many. We believe it will Make A Difference. The trauma to children here is so overwhelming.

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