Saturday, May 8, 2010


Both pictures show the teachers creating a snowflake - an activity they will use with youth to help the youth see how special and unique they actually are. This activity is both fun and challenging for youth.
We are pleased to have completed the very first Life Skills training for teachers in Kyrgyzstan. Represented in the training were five Christian Schools, four orphanages and two NGO's. Our team member, Pastor David Schooler is working to implement some new courses into the Mercy Foundation schools to meet the new requirements for the religious laws which was implemented recently in Kyrgyzstan. This law allows only certain courses to be offered that will teach youth character building and life skills. This Life Skill class is a response to this changes.

Although we are back in North America - our team members Pastor David and Jayne are still in Kyrgyzstan carrying on the work of LAMb. Be sure and keep up with their blog as they work to bring HOPE AND DIGNITY to the families and children we serve. The blog address is:

Check out this article about the LAMb project in Kyrgyzstan for the implementation of the Life Skills:

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