Thursday, May 13, 2010



Kyrgyzstan is once again in conflict. Please follow the story through BBC News or google the following: kyrgyzstan news.

Please pray for Kyrgyzstan. Our team mates are still there - Pastor David and Jayne are scheduled to return next week.

Thanks for caring about this country.

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amy said...

I know how strange this comment is going to sound however, I'm going to give it a try. My daughter is in the Peace Corp and near Bishkek. She has loved and nurtured a puppy for the past 2 years. he weighs 7 lbs. He has been such a survivor. His name is Oliver and I would love to send a pic. My daughter is going to be evacuated and if he is left behind, it will be sure death for him. Do you know of anyone that may be near Bishkek and if I pay for all of the transport, get him back to the US? He would need to be picked up and crated. Please contact me

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