Monday, May 3, 2010


It seems like a lifetime since we arrived here in February. As I looked through the thousands, yes thousands, of pictures we have taken since our arrival, I am at a loss for words that could describe at least some of the impact of the 'love from Canada', as well as the United States. We have partners here, David and Jayne Schooler who will remain for another few weeks. Emma, from the Wright team, remains for a few weeks carrying on projects started when John, Julie and Becka were here the last time or maybe it was the time before. Some folks just keep coming back! Praise God. Dr. Jordan was here teaching early in March and we had a wonderful team here from Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

The attached pictures are only a very small glimpse of some of the activities, some are completed but most are on going. Although our time is near to leave, we are actively making plans for the ministry work to continue while we are away. At the same time we are scheduling events and trainings for the next trips.

As Friday continues to rush toward us, we are striving to make effective use of every minute. You support has been wonderful. There still are some major decisions to make before we leave, one in particular concerning the creation of a family type home - a first here in Tokmok. We have collected almost all the data needed to make an informed decision and at the moment we are waiting on the Lord to open that door.

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