Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Since returning from Ukraine we have been working with Mercy Foundation on a training project. We are almost complete and will be giving certificates out to leaders on Thursday. Each leader will have attended six sessions with us - all focused at strengthening Mercy Foundation. Transfer of Learning will be the telling point - and this we will see and hear about later into the year.

We will be heading out tomorrow to let some of our projects know we are leaving and will be gone for a time. First stop - Iskra - the home for disabled men. We will take them fruit, some beautiful oil cloth for their dining room tables - which are in terrible shape. We will also be taking a very large amount of art supplies for their NEW COTTAGE INDUSTRY PROGRAM. The new art director will be in awe. Thank you Dr. Jordon for this wonderful gift for these men.

Next stop will be Kemin Senior Home. We will be taking them new chairs for their craft room (thanks Craig and Dorothy) and checking on the ceremony for Dushenbeck to be sure all has gone well (thanks Judy). We will take fruit there too. Maybe rice and potatoes as well. We will visit, cry and say, Shalom for a time. We will also be taking some great things as requested by Alexy, Lona and Anatolie. They wanted more materials to fix shoes, art supplies, batteries, shaving materials, and tap shoes. We have everything(thanks M/M and Ian/Arlene) except the size 37 tap shoes (anyone have an old pair?) for Anatolie.

Then back to the Baby Hospital to see our baby girl - Melana Grace and once again tell the Doctor we want to meet her needs (thanks Lorrie) and to arrange for the purchase of the vaporizer which we could not find yesterday in Bishkek.

Then over to the baby orphanage to offer our sympathy to all for the loss of our dear little one who did not survive the surgery we sponsored. We will tell them about the wonderful gift for orphanage support for them (thanks Debbie and Jerry) - to ensure we get babies to the hospital on time - to have the much needed surgeries. And we will be talking about the transition of Melana Grace and how we might help here get adopted right away.

And our last stop before dinner will be to visit Jessica's Family and deliver food and clothing (thanks Keith and Joyce) to them.

And after that we will return to have a wonderful dinner with our dear friends Tanya, Dabu and family.

By bed time, we will be full of tears and sorrow to know we are leaving this land of many contrasts. Yet we have so much work to do and as we return to do the "tent making" that supports our airfare to return once again in a few months - we will be planning the work we must do to write the reports/articles on alternatives to orphanages the project we have going with a government leader here. We will be planning the new Day Spring Family Life Resource Center project and getting ready to set it up for the children...knowing it will be a program that is the best of the best and will serve children in a Godly way. We will continue to get training materials translated, write more modules for Mercy Foundation and Father's House in Ukraine. And wait...and pray. We desire to be in this part of the world on a full time basis - so we will wait and plan. For the Word says clearly we are to make our plans and He will direct our steps. He knows our needs, our wants and our hearts.

Thanks to all of you - who have cared enough to pray, call, send emails, send funds and just be our friend. We love you all and could not do this without you.

The LAMb Team

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