Thursday, May 6, 2010


With our final training of the Tier One for Mercy Foundation completed, we have one more afternoon meeting before packing and heading for the airport.

Yesterday was a very successful day as we visited a number of the projects. We picked up assorted foods - fruits, potatoes, rice, and candies and delivered lots to the Adult House of Invalids, the seniors home and Jessica's family. A few of the pictures tell the stories.

It's one of those sad/happy times. We have established many friendships amid the ministry work here. It is difficult to leave when there is still so much to be done. David and Jayne will continue until close to the end of May when the on-ground tasks will be left to Natasha.

It is our hope to come back here in September for a short period of time to schedule some of the projects and trainings. Further we hope for an extended stay early in 2011 to continue to strengthen and expand the work. Meanwhile, in June, we have a trip planned for Ukraine to continue the training projects there.

Thanks again for your continued support. Please remember, even when we are not physically present in this beautiful country, the work continues. Your prayers and support are vital.

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Kim & Randy said...

Praying for favor on your journey home! I know you are leaving part of your hearts in Kyrgyzstan! They will miss you bunches and will look forward to your return. Also praying for favor upon your return to NA! That God blesses you beyond your dreams as you begin your tent making in order to return 'home' again soon.

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