Monday, May 10, 2010


We're in the States doing some "tent-making". A huge chunk of our hearts remain in Kyrgyzstan where people and events have dominated our lives for the past few months. Our partners, Pastor David and Jayne, have only another two weeks before they will be returning home. That leaves our Natasha to manage the projects until we return.

Right now our days start early, usually around 4 am and end early, usually around 8 pm. All this is the result of the jet lag that results from living for several months ten hours out of sync with EST. Things should settle back in a few more days.

We found a great t-shirt factory not far from our apartment in Tokmok. We had a few t-shirts, bags and ball caps made. Some of these are destined for our donors, but we have a few more that are available in exchange for a donation to LAMb. If you are interested please contact us by e-mail at

We are looking at some significant life style changes as we strive to release ourselves from obligations that reduce our ability to serve on the front lines. We appreciate your prayers and support.

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