Friday, April 20, 2012


Our dear family - Jessica's family..the children posing with Kim.

And then of course a pose with Randy!

On the right - little Melana - which means Grace.


As many of you know we have been working with this family for several years.  We have come to love them and care deeply for them.  We see their progress, their struggles and their challenges through hurting hearts and eyes.  

Amojat is a good man.  He struggles to find jobs to support his family.  Anura is a strong and kind woman wanting the best for her children and her family.  Yet they struggle with the realities of what poverty does to you.  Feeding children, hopeless cold night and the can we manage all of this.

IT HURTS.  We might want so much for them, yet there are hundreds of others too.  How do you share the hope  - how do you make a difference?  We have always said - " We just show up and stop for the one in front of us."  Well, this family is in front of us.  We MUST CONTINUE TO REMIND ourselves that we are to continue working in what we have been called to do - and to continue to care - and to continue to share with all of you.  

BECAUSE together, when helping hurts each of us enough to fold us in half with anguish and tears for others - we may each CHOOSE TO rise from the anguish and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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