Saturday, April 21, 2012


It's another beautiful spring day here in Central Asia, with an afternoon temperature of 87 and with Ruby gone to do training in Moscow, it seemed like a good afternoon to go fishing.
We were told that yesterday the water in the river was clear and sparkly, and the fish were anxious to get caught.   Somehow the e-mail from yesterday wasn't read by today's fish.
For whatever reason, today the river water was muddy and merky, and there wasn't a fish to be found.  Not to be outdone by an unco-operative river, we headed to a small pond.  Bingo, two fish. To be truthful, I wasn't all that impressed, however the kids were sure excited. It was the kids that caught them.
Well, the kids didn't want to leave but the sun was starting to set. As we headed back to town I heard a big man in a Hawaiian shirt say something to the effect that any day of fishing was better than the best day at work.
The real joy in this trip was to watch the children. Doing their best to handle the worms, check out that picture, and to deal with the snags and tangles. BUT, not one complaint from them.  They had the time of their life.  What a great way to spend Saturday afternoon.

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