Sunday, April 22, 2012

TEAM UPDATE - just a little bit of information

Wow our team is growing and working diligently to make a difference!  David and Jayne are soon off to California for a conference focusing on helping orphans; John and Julie are busy doing their search and rescue work in Kyrgyzstan; our Kyrgyz team is focused on carrying out the duties for Dayspring; our Ukraine is busy scheduling training and building a support system with Max in Ukraine and Oleg in the USA and of course there is Glen - getting ready to head back to Nicaragua for the third time to work with a group of pastors.


  • Training in Moscow for NFPCC
  • Conference in Moscow - with NFPCC - to build centers of excellence in helping strengthen families 
  • Training in Perm, Russia for NFPCC
  • STM - ARRIVING INTO KYRGYZSTAN ON OCTOBER 30TH.  This team will be doing a number of things, including building a playground for Dayspring.  It will be a very busy an active two weeks.  Lots of humanatarian activities with the team
  • SOS - KYRGYZSTAN - training and consultation in the area of Trauma
  • UKRAINE - training and consultation with our team
  • MEETING with those who are working with families and children - looking for additional ways to help
All our efforts are just to make a difference - to bring Hope and Dignity to those who have been forgotten and abandoned.

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