Sunday, April 1, 2012


Jayne and Ruby - taping a thank you to our book sponsor - Earl.
Adults Helping Children - Ukraine
Earl - we thank you so much!

Alliance - Ukraine Without Orphans
a co-sponsor of the conference

Filming for CBN - Christian Broadcasting Network - Ukraine 

Rulsan and Roman - two of our very effective partners
Alliance - Ukraine Without Orphans
Father's House

Kristi Weber - workshop - Healing a Mother's Heart
Ronda Weber - our newest specialist for ILDC 

A group of participants we have worked with in other areas - Kherson
Crimea and now Kiev!

DR. RONDA WEBER (pictured above)  was a guest at our conference.  She contributed by doing three different workshops and now she will be sharing her expertise at our Kiev office to around 20 people per day for the next three days.  Dr. Weber is therapist from the US and will be helping workers and parents in the area of Play Therapy, Sexual Abuse and Relational Theory.  We welcome her to our work and thank God for sending us such quality professionals to share and teach.

We will be traveling tomorrow to Kyrgyzstan - gearing up for some major work - bringing hope and dignity to those we are able to serve.  Stay tuned to see what God has in mind for us in our next phase of the journey.

Each day brings new and meaningful hope!

You support us to be the hands and feet - we thank you so much.

The LAMb Team

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