Friday, April 20, 2012


Attached are some pictures of the entrance way into our apartment building.   We have great neighbours.  Many of whom are babuskas or grandmas. Take for example our friend Valentina who lives directly above us.   Her government pension is twenty seven dollars per month. Have you ever tried to imagine what it might be like to live on a total income of $27 a month?   Even though the average salary here is very low compared to North America, the cost of food and fuel is about the same.  As an example a bbq'd chicken costs 430 soms, which converts to just over $9 US dollars.

And, of course she is not alone facing the same challenges.   The babuskas here in our building consider themselves fortunate.  They have a place to stay.  When you subtract the cost of electric and heat and consider taxes, there's not much left for a healthy diet.  Their food choice is mainly rice.

Back to our apartment entrance.  After the Soviet Union fell in 1991, there has been no one to maintain the common areas.  And as you can see from the income the babuskas' have, there are no funds to do any maintenance work.

So this trip we decided it was time to bless them.  We hired a local man who has done work for us in the past. He and his helper (Jessica's family's father for those who remember Jessica's family) to scrape and paint.  The work will take about a week, two men working full time plus painting supplies. There are three floors to cover.

It is a simple act of consideration, something totally out of reach for these grandmas.

Perhaps you would like to be part of the blessing for these seniors.  Maybe you would want to buy a chicken or two for them or contribute to the paint or labor.  If so, just click one of the buttons at the side and we will have those funds within a day or so.

Ruby was off to Moscow early this morning, where she will be doing training for the next week.   Randy and Kim headed out on the same flight and will head back to America from Moscow.   What a blessings it was to have them here working with the seniors at Kemin and with the men at Iskra.  Nonetheless, what I think really touched their hearts were the little girls at Dayspring.  Life will never be the same for them (Randy and Kim) and life for these little girls was enriched from their caring and hugs.

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