Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Showing up with the team -  and what an exciting time it was!

Pastor David - quickly became Grandpa David!
John and Julie prefer to be Uncle and Aunt - guess that has something to 
do with age!

Emma was a hit immediately - of course!

And so was Bekah - of course - and here is our newest 
visitor Josiah - for Quebec.  He was accepted quickly as well.
Altanai just seems at peace, seeing her country children loved and well cared for.

And after our wonderful evening inside the hourse- Papa Talant took his little
girls outside to play ball.  


SPONSORS NEEDED FOR EACH LITTLE GIRL us now to know more how to become their sponsor!  You will be given updates, pictures and be able even to visit should you ever join us in Kyrgyzstan.

Kristina - age 11, speaks Kyrgyz and Russian - loves school

Genya - age 8, loves to tell people she is now a "home" girl, not a street girl or orphan girl.  Genya also speaks Kyrgyz and Russian.

Dasha - age 8, needs surgery for holes in her heart.  She is our shy little one, and very loving.

Anna - age 7, is a very small darling.  she recently turned seven and really want you to know she is no longer six!

Yulia - age 6 and is a little bubbling brook.  She bounces all around and is full of joy.  

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