Monday, April 9, 2012


JULIE - We stopped along the road as we headed to Karakol.
Many different nationals sell this way.  This particular person had
hats, vests, rugs they had made.  We were able to get a "professional"
model for this hat!

The orphanage director and President of the Orphanage - Andre.
Both were so grateful that we would travel 6 hours to see them to 
learn about their needs.

The older girls dressed in their beautiful dresses to perform for us.  Getting an
audience never gets old for young people.  How they love to be admired and

These little ones sat quietly and waited until their turn - to play, sing and 
enjoy the time with US FOREIGNERS!  We had some great laughs
and fun as our team led the children in songs and games.


They need and want help.  They have had promises in the past.  Yet Andre says many people say they will return and never do. They promise to help and they wait and wait for a response to how they are going to help - they never hear a thing.  Maybe the reason is their location.  They are about 7 hours away from Bishkek and 6 hours away from us.  So transportation to get there is long and difficult, going across very broken roads.  And of course lodging there is also somewhat limited.

We made no promises, but we will help.  Their staff desperately want to know more about how to work with children - how to understand their needs and behaviors.  They see their children suffering and really do not know how to address their pain.  So - what we will work to do.  We will work to bring the staff together in September when we are offering training on Trauma.   Pastor David and Jayne will be returning and carrying out a major work helping those who request this training and have expressed this need.

We will also put together a 12 day training for their staff on the foundation knowledge, skills and abilities we see as critical for staff development.  This we will take to Karakol beginning in the fall.  

Over 30 children in this Christian Orphanage - crying for help.  15 workers in this orphanage who are almost just volunteers considering what they are paid - less than $100 per month.  These workers care and want more for their children.  Children like Max and Dema (twins) who have dreams to be "good men."  Children like Sasha who dreams to be an artist and hopes to go to Bishkek this year to study in a good university.  Children like Alona who has a dream of being a teacher.

Dreams - hopes - cries - do YOU hear the CRIES OF THE CHILDREN?

The LAMb Team

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