Sunday, October 9, 2011


WHAT A FABULOUS DAY. Today was very full, starting with Chinese Church and then to market to pick up some supplies for the return to the East Iskra Village afternoon luncheon. Remember, this is the village where the Wrights worked with Larissa (out on the ground person) to bring water into the village. Since this time, this village has been a very special place for the Wrights and now the rest of our team. The village has about 100 children - many of which seemed to be born after the water was installed into the village. They laughed when telling us this yesterday - as we all agreed that it TRULY MUST BE IN THE WATER!

So, the visit to the village was due to an invitation by the village to come for a "feast" in the afternoon. We were told we could not say NO. So away we went. We added our cookies and drinks to the "feast" and had an incredible time.

* One of the biggest cazans (huge cast iron pot) cooking rice which was to be the national Plof!
* A table set up to seat the village and us - interesting that men do not eat with the women here, unless you are a guest or a senior male.
* The children danced for us and recited poetry they had learned in school. One of the village mothers teaches them to dance.
* A most delicious meal of plot, chicken and goodies.
* Laughter, fun and fellowship in this amazing little Muslim village.

We left with tears and please from the to not forget them and to please come again soon. And we will. We let them know their beloved Wrights would be back in December and they were thrilled and that we would be back in the spring. We heard promises of learning English, being ready and of course the common statements, "We will wait for you." And you know what? They really do wait for us....always asking Larissa - when will they be back.


We had 11 students from IUCA into our home for this party arranged by Altanai to bring students together for pizza and a time to chat on Skype with the students from Canada that are in the youth group from John and Julie Wrights youth group. Bekah coordinated the youth on the Canadian side and Altanai on the Kyrgyzstan side. We simply provided a place for hosting the event. It was awesome.....except for the FLOOD IN THE LOWER APARTMENTS DURING THE EVENT.

* 11 University students - talking to Canadian youth group members.
* Pizza brought by Altanai from a new pizza (the only one) place in Tokmok - a very new thing here
* Simply a great evening of sharing, laughing and praying together.


THE FLOOD: Well, our apartment is on the first floor. All the apartment above us empty their waste water down through pipes and out of the building - pipes that we are also connected to along with three other apartments. So with the sewer system backing up - we had water all over the apartment floors in all the four apartments in our building. As of this moment - we cannot run any water at all. UGH. It was a mess. After a call to our friend Dabu and his arrival to discover the problem, he notified everyone on all three floors to NOT run any water down any drains, flush any toilets until it was fixed. Seems someone did not obey the request as this morning we once again had water on the floors and our neighbours were NOT HAPPY. 7AM the chatter began in the halls. And you can be certain our babushkas don't take disobeying the rules lightly. IT WAS A VERY ACTIVE HALL WAY THIS MORNING!

LATER TODAY - Our Canadian friends have arrived and are resting now. We will be picking them up in about an hour and heading out for a day of rice deliveries - Emma's Rice A Ronie day. 61 more bags to deliver. This will make our total of rice delivered of 109 bags of rice and the requests continue....

TOMORROW - IUCA initiation day!

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