Thursday, October 13, 2011


WE LEAVE FOR NORTH AMERICA ON SATURDAY AND RETURN TO KYRGYZSTAN AT A LATER TIME - Lydia said she might be gone by then. We asked her to please wait for us - let's get together again. Our friendship is strong. We hugged and cried. Maria got her up to look out the window as we were leaving - to say one more good bye.

We had a wonderful day - just enjoying each their company. And they loved all the MEAT. Our heart break to know this meat meal was so important to them - almost all seniors ate three or four pieces of chicken. MEAT - something we all take for granted. We have delivered lots of rice over the time here - but what about protein for the winter? Cheese, eggs, meat, beans? Oh for more so much more. Our hearts break knowing the reality of the winter to come.

On the happy side we were able to share with Kemin that we have sponsors for their entire winter of coal! THANK YOU ALL. YOU HAVE BLESSED US GREATLY AND THEM SO MUCH MORE.

THE LAMb Team - loving and caring for the seniors at Kemin Sunshine Home - The Gift of God Friendship Center!

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