Saturday, October 15, 2011


Our partner - Christy from Crosslink - with our little darling at Dayspring - Dasha. We have her heart surgery sponsored and Christy is going to MAKE SURE IT HAPPENS! Thank you Ed Dickson, Loads of Love for sponsoring the surgery and Christy and Kyle from Crosslinks for coordinating the operation(s)! Great partnership.

HOW MANY PIECES CAN BE BROKEN OFF BEFORE YOU NO LONGER HAVE A HEART LEFT? We just thank God He continues to renew our hearts daily. Leaving Kyrgyzstan was very emotional - perhaps one of the most emotional for some time. We dug deep this trip and worked from dusk to dawn attempting to bring HOPE and DIGNITY to those forgotten and/or discarded.

Our dear seniors, the disabled and the children.

We have left with a great desire to return - to first go home and make the needs known - to share their stories - to pray for all - but most of all we return to North America to renew. We renew resources, strength and our hearts.

Saying good bye was difficult. But we answer the question with eager anticipation, "When will you be back?" - No longer do we hear "Will you come back?" THEY KNOW!


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