Monday, October 10, 2011


Upper left - the "extension" cord for the work on the clothes lines. Upper right - Gabriella amidst the "sea" of rice - still smiles after the long journey from Canada. Lower left - a delivery of rice. Lower right - our tea at Aigula's.

ANOTHER FABULOUS DAY IN KYRGYZSTAN. First, our team from Canada arrived today. Jodi and Gabriel came in eager to begin and ready to head out for their time of giving and serving. So they joined us for the rice deliveries.

Today was day two of our rice deliveries. We now have delivered a total of 111 bags of rice. On day one we tallied 42 the first outing and then gatherered 8 more and delivered those. Then today we picked up another 61 bags and off we went. We spent most of the day in Tokmok going to the different homes of people we know giving them rice for the winter.

One stop was at the Baby Orphanage where we left two bags of rice and took orders for what else they were needing right now. As always they have an ongoing need of fruit, juice and diapers.

Then on to deliver more rice - stopping by Aigula's to drop off rice and of course she was all set up for chai (tea) for us. So a stop for borsok, salad and tea. Remember, Aigula is the wonderful woman whom we had the pleasure of giving her keys to a home (purchased by Ed Dickson) several years ago. Today, she has moved into her own rented home and has a business of sewing - set up by our LAMb team member John. They have a lovely tidy home that really makes us proud of what she has accomplished.

Then a few more deliveries. As we were out and about we passed a building which was pointed out to us by Natasha. "There is the home for disabled adults in Tokmok. It has both men and women and I have heard it is a terrible place - very needy." Hmmmm why have we not heard of this before? So tomorrow, that is a stop for us. We will go and learn more about this place and see if we can serve them in some way. This is a home in our city where we live when in Kyrgyzstan.

Finally back to see the results of our flooded apartment. They fixed the problem, and we also saw that our helper Vlady (who does lots of construction for our team activities- and hires our father from Jessica's family) was at our building with his worker "Joe - AKS Jessica's family - installing clothes lines for our apartment building's babushkas. It is interesting, how he needed electricity and connected to the electric box, his type of extension cord - (see the picture). ((Karl this will really stir you up!)) Anyhow flood in control, water cleaned up, and a clothes line to hang out all the clean up rags and rugs. The day is good!

We dropped our Canadian team off of a two hour nap and then retrieved them to take them grocery shopping. After shopping they joined us for planning and for dinner. Our goal was to plan and also keep them awake until 9pm tonight. Success.

Planning meeting with Jodi and Gabriella. Great days ahead!

Planning is completed and tomorrow we have a full day - and will post later the results.

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